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Hey there! I'm RPmasterX and I love Warriors.

Help my dragons grow~
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Here are my groups and characters:

Basilstorm of SwiftClan
Come drop by and talk to the biggest grump in town!
( He's not all bad ;3 )

Flightpaw of Safe Haven
He's shy and small, but he's always up to help someone out.

Mildkit of SnowClan
He may be a bit shy, but he's just too sweet for anyone to ignore. Come let him make some friends~

Emberstrike of LighteningClan
She's always looking for friends~

Ashcloud of SkyClan
Flirt a little, have fun and mingle~

Birdflame of SwampClan
She's mean when she wants to be, but nice when you are~

All donations help. Thank you! :3

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RPmasterX's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Marcello | 16 | Single | Gay

Likes: Cats (obviously), Reading, Video Games, Drawing (again obviously),
Writing, Vocaloid and talking about dragons (random, yes, but accurate).

Dislikes: The ocean, God-modders, Being alone (for long periods of time), and evil fucking spiders...

Hey! I'm Marcello, nice to meet ya. I don't usually talk to people unless I'm RPing with them or they talk to me first, so sorry if I seem shy-I just don't wanna bother you. I just turned 16 a little while ago and I love Warrior Cats. Yes, I am a boy, and yes, I like other boys - if you have a problem that, either don't come near me or pretend I'm straight, because I honestly don't want to hear it. If you're still here and still care, I love taking requests for scenes of the books (as far as ending of Power of Three), so just ask and I'll try my best! I dunno what else to say, so.. Talk to ya later!

I Love Coffee Stamp by TheAcrylicCat Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold Coffee Addict Stamp by WolvenFlames
Just thought I'd put together a list of crack-ships I like from the Warriors series~
Ones with :bulletorange: next to them are OTPs

First series:
:bulletorange: Longtail x Firepaw
:bulletorange: Ravenpaw x Sandpaw
Sandstorm x Spottedleaf
Cloudpaw x Swiftpaw (I love Brightheart but I'm sorry, love this one~ x3)
Tigerclaw x Ravenpaw
Hattie x Smudge (I know they're very, very minor characters but I just love this since it's cute~)

New Prophecy:
Brambleclaw x Ashfur x Hawkfrost (not in a 3-way type, but like fighting over him)
Leafpool x Mothwing
:bulletorange: Squirrelpaw x Stormfur (I'm sorry but they were sooo cute on the journey~)
surprisingly don't have a lot for this one..

Power of Three:
Breezepelt x Heathertail
:bulletorange: Sol x Hollyleaf
Breezepaw x Jaypaw (I shipped it before the discovery of them being related and I couldn't change - I'm sorry everyone but I at least tried to stop shipping!)


I think that's all of them for now - I haven't read the other series, though I have read the super editions and I will add them eventually - that's just a lot more to list when I got three hours of sleep, woke up at 6 in the morning, then had to work in the backyard all day ^^;

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